A Selection of oil paintings I did in November and December of 2009, as part of a Blog Site called The Painting Experiement.

My goal was to rise up every morning for 31 days and paint a small 5x5 oil in one sitting. After 41 days of painting these are a few of the painting that were produced during my Painting Experiment.


Gibson Head 3x5

This is not a Cork 5x5

1851 Navy Colot 5x5

Peacemaker 5x5

Donut 5x5

Flat Head 3x5

Tin Man 3x5

Canyon 5x5

Tomatoe 5x5

Lemon 5x5

Baseball 5x5

Match 5x5

Autumn Leaf 5x5

Match Book Blue 5x5

Strings 5x5

Strings 2 5x5